How to Watch a Webinar as a Group

Sometimes we want to gather a group of people to watch a webinar together at one site. Here are some suggestions on how to make this work well:


  • It's much easier to make a change in a congregation if several key leaders have participated in a learning event
  • watching a webinar together provides a natural opportunity to discuss how to customize the ideas for your own ministry setting.
  • It's easier to pay attention, and not get distracted by other business

Video Considerations

  • You'll want a fairly large screen so that everyone can see comfortably. Consider using a projector and screen, or a large screen tv in someone's home. Most large screen tv's these days can be used as a computer monitor, and you can connect them to a laptop with a simple VGA or HDMI cable.
  • Use wired Internet rather than WIFI. There's an enormous difference in the speed with which data is transferred, and you'll get the best viewing experience if you're using a wired connection to your router. If wired Internet is impossible, ensure that you have the highest quality WIFI possible -- a "moderate" or "fair" connection simply won't work well enough, and you may find that the audio is choppy.

Audio Considerations

  • For most webinars we broadcast sound through the Internet meeting room. You'll need speakers for your computer that everyone can hear easily. Laptop speakers are generally not loud enough. You can buy fairly inexpensive speakers that will plug into the sound jack of any computer -- as long as those speakers have an amplifier in them, they'll likely be fine. Speakers with an amplifier usually get power from a wall outlet. If you're using a large screen TV and you use a HDMI cable, the audio should come from the TV speakers.
  • For most webinars we also broadcast sound through a telephone conference call system. Usually this is simply an extra option we provide, in case your Internet connection is a little shaky and the sound breaks up. We recommend that you have a speakerphone handy, in case you experience trouble with the sound at your site, and want to use this secondary option for sound. You'll find that the sound and the video aren't quite in sync, but it can be better than struggling with sound that cuts in and out.


  • Most webinars are not just one-way broadcasts. We'll invite participants to use a computer keyboard to write comments, ask questions, and tell stories about their own situation. You'll want to have a computer keyboard handy so that you can be involved in this. You should probably designate one member of your group as the typist for the session.

How to Increase the Size of the Font

  • Adobe Connect allows each individual participant to adjust the size of the font in a "chat" pod. We use these kinds of pods as a "flip chart" for our meetings. The default font size is 11 points, which is too small for many of us, but unfortunately we can't change it from our end. Here's how to make the adjustment at your end: At the top right of the title bar on the flip chart, you'll see a a symbol with three horizontal lines. This is the icon for the "pod options." Click on this with your mouse to change the font size, and see other options available to you for that pod.